Face Your Fear – Why You Should

by Brad Axelrad on September 29, 2013

fearFear is a powerful tool that brings us massive insight for expansion and opportunities.

When was the last time you felt fear? I bet it was today! Maybe it was fear of failing, or fear of speaking, or fear of sharing your message.

Frankly, I find that most of our fears are our subconscious mind screaming out how powerful we truly are and about being totally accountable to what we might create if and when we step all the way in.

Marianne Williamson’s famous quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

I truly believe this to be true, as I face my tipping point on so many levels. Letting go of some pieces of my past, stepping boldly into even greater contribution, visibility and success.

I ask you now, where are you feeling the fear and what is it really? Ask it in your body.. Sit with it, open up to it. It has a gift for you. LISTEN.

As I embark on a journey from Colorado to California to spend several weeks there, I am bumping into some fears.

One reason I am fearing my greatness is that Alex Mandossian and I are co-producing a Google Hangout focused on the Fear of Success on October 9th from 5:25pm – 8:00pm PST with 7 other thought leaders joining in on the conversation.

When he approached me to do this, I immediately went into fear. Who am I to do this? What will I share? There are far more qualified people than me, why would he choose me?

Can you relate to this internal dialogue?

Here’s the thing. Saying YES to our fears and going straight into them bears the fruit. You know this to be true. Right on the other side of your freaked out NO that you turned into a YES is the glory. You’ve touched it and tasted it before; I know you have.

I am heading to California for many reasons. Enthusiastically to attend the Association of Transformational Leaders. We get together every 6 months and share best practices and a lot of love! For this I am eternally grateful.

Over a year ago I was honored to be asked to emcee it, and guess what? My first thought was NO WAY. All intimidated, I said “YES, OF COURSE!” And as soon as I said yes, I knew it would go well. It was all the mind-f*cking that kept me stuck, and you I’m sure.

Start saying YES more often to everything that scares you. Within reason, of course. Don’t go and jump off a building because it scares you..

Say YES to the Hangout Alex and I are doing on Oct. 9th

It will have many of my favorite transformational leaders on it that I hand selected to share their perspective on the fear of success.

Expect brilliance and vulnerability from Gay Hendricks, Marcia Wieder, Cynthia Kersey, Kyle Cease, Rich German, Scott Coady and Marisa Murgatroyd.

If these folks know anything, they know about success.. and FEAR. Every single one of them faces it regularly, just like you and I.

And do you think they have ever had a fear of success? I guarantee it..

Join us as Alex and I interview these fine folks to share their journey from fear to success..

Until next time..


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